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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Choose Vita Aid? What is the "Vita Aid Quality"?

We are one of a few companies in Canada that produces a brand of products exclusively available for health care practitioners. We develop and manufacture all our products, which also allow us to personally monitor the quality of every step of the production process.

Vita Aid is not just a professional line by name, but in every way, including:

Formulation - Focuses on treatment not just prevention. Dedicated formulation development produces obvious results for patients' health concern within just a few days, unlike products on the general open-shelf market.

Production Process - Uses certain encapsulation machine and technology which removes the need of magnesium stearate as lubricant. Also, unlike a high capacity, fully automated production line, there are always two people involved in every step and a carefully observed step-by-step checklist for quality control and assurance.

Standard - Health Canada regulations and the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) allows the active ingredient of capsules to vary by +10% of label claim. However, since we manufacture our own products, we control our active ingredient content to be no less than 100%, compared to most manufacturers which use 93-95% as the quality standard for their consumer products.

Raw Material Source - Most of the herbal extracts used in Vita Aid products are made by United States or European companies. These ingredients are all of the highest quality and meet the standards accepted by Health Canada for heavy metals, pesticide, solvents, and microbials. Most of them are also kosher certified and meet USP standards as well.

Vita Aid products use the same dosage and specifications of ingredients that were used in clinical studies and proven to be effective. Many of our products also use the exact same ingredient as the studies, such as KM-20 in Angiolaxin which clinical studies in Japan showed reduced the risk of hypertension. This means that Vita Aid products can provide patients with effective dosages that lead to fast, noticeable results, as in the studies.

Many Vita Aid products also have only active ingredients in the capsules; no fillers or lubricant are added. This makes the active ingredients more bioavailable. For some products with only micro-dosage active ingredients, such as MQ-7 (natural vitamin K2), we use apple or beetroot fibre instead of processed fillers. None of our products include magnesium stearate.

What is Magnesium Stearate? Why Not Add Magnesium Stearate?

Magnesium stearate is a fatty substance (similar to a super-saturated fatty acid) that effectively coats every particle of the ingredients and acts as a lubricant, allowing production to proceed faster and decreasing wear and tear on the machinery. However, magnesium stearate is not water soluble. A coating of magnesium stearate on all the particles delays and decreases absorption of the active ingredients in the gastrointestinal tract.
Figure 1. Effect of lubricant on release of active ingredient. 

By not using magnesium stearate in our products, we make sure that patients are receiving the maximum benefits from the active ingredients in our products.

I'm vegetarian/I'm concerned about BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy). Can I take Vita Aid products?

Vita Aid focuses on an all-vegetarian product line. Almost all of our products are purely vegetarian formulations (the only exception is Prime Glucosamine Plus, which contains shark chondroitin). In order to avoid the risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) contamination, we also use vegetarian capsules with all our products instead of gelatin capsules.

Will there be the problem of Vita Aid products being discontinued/taken off the market because of failure to comply with Health Canada regulations?

Vita Aid products are formulated based on scientific clinical trials demonstrating both safety and efficacy. Our manufacturing facility, Naturo Aid Pharmaceutical Inc., has been GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by the NHPD (Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada), and all our products comply with Health Canada regulations and have been submitted for product licensing. According to the new Health Canada regulations, all natural health products being sold in Canada have to be licenced. Many products currently on the market are being discontinued because they do not meet the new standards for safety, efficacy and quality laid out by Health Canada, or because companies have decided that it is not cost effective to licence them. This will not be an issue with Vita Aid products.

I registered my GMAIL account to the website, but my GMAIL never receives any emails from Vitaaid.com. Can you help me with that?

The auto-messages sent from vitaaid.com are likely to be blocked by GMAIL. In order to receive emails from vitaaid.com, you may follow the steps below to turn off the Spam Guard:
  • Sign-in your Gmail and create a filter. On the right of the Search Box you should see a really little link saying "Create a filter". Click it.
  • Now you should see a succession of empty text boxes. Spot the one labeled Has the Word and enter the following text: is:spam or in:spam or label:spam
  • Click Next Step
  • Now you should face a window warning you against the procedure you just started. Click OK without any doubt.
  • Now tick the checkbox for Never send it to Spam
  • Click Create a Filter.
  • Done. The Spam filter should now be disabled and turned off!
Please feel free to contact us at info@vitaaid.com if you have any further questions.

How do I use coupons?

Our coupon works as a code; each coupon has a unique Coupon Number, which is sent to your email when it is issued. 

As you go through the shopping cart, it will ask you to enter the Coupon Number. The amount of the coupon will be deducted if the Coupon Number is valid or has NOT expired.

You may also check the list of your coupons by following the steps shown below:
  • First log in with your email & password
  • On the top of the page, you will see a link indicated as "MyAccount"; click that link, it will bring you to a member profile page.
  • On the left column of that page, you will see a link called "Coupon List", click that link, it will show you all the coupons you have and their status (ie. used or expired or not).
  • Write down the coupon No. that's currently valid, and then you can enter the code as you go through your shopping cart.
Please feel free to contact us at info@vitaaid.com if you have any further questions.

I am gluten-sensitive. Should I be concerned about any of the Vita Aid & Synerplex products?

No. All Vita Aid and Synerplex products are ABSOLUTELY Gluten-Free and safe for people with gluten-sensitivity and/or Celiac disease to consume.

Why do your Synerplex TCM formulas contain darker "chunks" in various sizes in each capsule? Should I be concerned?

No, you shouldn't be concerned. The darker "chunks" are actually the granulated medicine while the lighter-colored fine powder is the certified organic apple fibre. The darker granules are NEITHER the result of medicine being oxidized NOR humidified.

Also, the reason the granules vary in sizes is that we utilize a carrier-free granulation technique in the making of the extracts to yield highly concentrated (8:1) formulas.

How to Take Liquid d-Limonene Properly?

When taking liquid d-limonene, it is important to ensure all of the dispensed medicine is ingested. Mixing it with water or other beverages is actually NOT the best way of taking it for 2 reasons:

  1. A significant amount of d-limonene will stick to the container (ie. cup, glass, blender) or your lips.
  2. D-limonene will be diluted too much

The proper way of taking Limonen-E is dispensing indicated dosage (24 drops) directly into your mouth on an empty stomach and washing it down with 1-2 sips of water. This way, all of the desired dosage is ingested and not too diluted.

Is 'Hypromellose' the same as 'Hypromellose Phthalate'?

First of all, we need to understand that hypromellose and phthalate are two different compounds.

Phthalates is a group of chemicals commonly used as a plasticizer in enteric-coated capsules or softgel, commonly seen in delayed-released fish oil supplements. However, they are known to be endocrine disruptors, teratogenic, and carcinogenic. 

Hypromellose, also known as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, is a type of synthetic fibre made of sugar polymers.

So why is hypromellose often associated with phthalate? The answer lies within the use of  the compound 'hypromellose phthalate'. 'Hypromellose phthalate' is synthesized by attaching phthalate molecules to hypromellose as 'R-group' so that it possesses the 'enteric coating' property (ie. indigestible by stomach acid). 

So to sum up, while we readily utilize 'hypromellose' as the material for the vegetarian capsules,  none of our product contains any 'phthalates. 

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